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Electric Utilities

Safety is at the core of every electric utilities operation, and Field1st is your dedicated partner in elevating safety practices to new heights.

Powering Safety with Field1st

Customized Solutions for Electric Utilities

Safety isn’t just a checkbox for electric utilities; it’s the heartbeat. And Field1st is right there with you, pushing safety boundaries further.


Tailored Solutions for Electric Utilities Our platform, crafted especially for the electric utilities world, taps into cutting-edge tech to guide safety managers and their teams. Together, we’ll tackle risks, refine processes, and build a strong safety-first culture.


Gearing up
Charge up your safety game. Field1st helps you dive deep into pre-job briefs, shedding light on potential electric utilities-specific hazards. Armed with this knowledge, your teams can strategize better, ensuring every move is safety-centric.
Checks and balances
Spotlight on safety. Field1st hands you the tools for detailed inspections, catching potential snags before they grow. Live feedback steers your checks, helping you address issues swiftly and keep your workspace secure.
keeping tabs on the team
Stay connected, always. With Field1st’s live team tracking, you’re always in the know about your crew’s whereabouts and their ongoing tasks. Boost teamwork, smartly allocate resources, and ensure safety measures are always in action.
Navigating hiccups
Act, reflect, adapt. When things go sideways, Field1st simplifies your response. Log events, dig into their roots, and tweak processes to dodge future bumps. With Field1st, it’s all about evolving and keeping safety at the forefront.


Weathering the storms
Gear up for nature’s surprises. Storms can throw curveballs at electric utilities. Field1st steps in with tools for storm assessments and reactions, prepping you to foresee and soften nature’s blows.
With AI as its backbone, Field1st’s dynamic platform guides electric utilities pros through the maze of safety management. Together, we’re setting new safety milestones, ensuring both your team and the communities you touch are always in safe hands.

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