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Oil & Gas

In the ever-evolving realm of oil and gas, safety isn’t just on the checklist – it’s the very foundation. With Field1st by your side, we harness the latest tech to redefine safety and transform risk management.

Fueling Safety with Field1st

Tailored Solutions for Oil & Gas

Our platform, meticulously designed for the oil and gas industry, empowers safety managers and teams to proactively identify hazards, optimize processes, and cultivate an environment where safety is paramount.


Custom Solutions for Oil & Gas Our platform, crafted specifically for the oil and gas sector, guides safety managers and teams to spot hazards early, refine operations, and build a workspace where safety reigns supreme.


Gearing Up
Boost your safety prep. Field1st dives deep into pre-job briefs, shining a light on potential risks inherent to oil and gas tasks. With risks in clear view, your teams can strategize effectively, ensuring every move is made with safety at its heart.
Checks & Spotlights
Shed light on lurking dangers. Field1st hands you the tools for in-depth inspections, catching potential pitfalls before they grow. Live feedback steers your checks, helping you tackle issues head-on and maintain a fortress of safety.
Team Synchrony
Stay in tune with your crew. Field1st’s live team tracking keeps you clued in on your team’s location and their current tasks. Boost resource planning, enhance team sync, and ensure safety measures are always humming in harmony.
Navigating Bumps
Act, reflect, adapt. When the unexpected happens, Field1st simplifies your comeback. Log events, delve into their origins, and adjust processes to dodge future hitches. With Field1st, it’s about growing and amplifying safety consciousness.
With AI as its driving force, Field1st’s innovative platform steers oil and gas pros through the intricacies of safety management. Together, we’re setting new safety benchmarks, ensuring both your team and the communities you touch are always in safe hands.

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