Predictive Prevention

Your AI Co-Pilot

Field1st is like having a smart friend watching your back. Many serious injuries and even fatalities happen because of missing real-time info. Dive into our AI-powered risk tool to get a heads-up on potential dangers and their severity. With Field1st, you’re tapping into top-notch science and AI smarts, helping you make wiser safety choices.
Real-time Insights

Data Boosted by AI

Our smart platform helps you spot potential risks early, make sharp decisions, and adapt quickly to whatever comes your way. With the pulse of real-time data at your fingertips, you can boost safety measures, streamline operations, and build a safer space for your crew. Field1st gives you the edge in a constantly changing world, making sure safety always stays front and center.
Go Mobile, Even Offline

Take Field1st Everywhere You Go

With Field1st, safety doesn’t take a backseat, even in the most remote spots or when the internet’s playing hard to get. Our platform ensures your team can pull up vital info, carry out inspections, and handle tasks smoothly, no matter the connectivity. And when you’re back online? Everything updates in real-time. So, wherever your work leads, you can trust in Field1st to keep safety at the forefront, making your safety routines more dependable and efficient.
Quick Learning with AI Assistance

Learn Fast, Stay Safe with Field1st

Dive into quick and effective learning using Field1st’s bite-sized lessons, offering key safety insights and terms from all your training materials. Our AI assistant swiftly sifts through your manuals, protocols, and guides, delivering the information you seek while referencing its sources. With this dynamic duo of micro-learning and AI, you’re arming your teams with the know-how to tackle risks and foster a safer work atmosphere.

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