Pre-Job Briefs

Boosting Readiness

Plan and carry out tasks seamlessly and confidently. Our platform guides you through detailed job briefings, offering instant insights into possible dangers and safety precautions. By identifying potential threats ahead of time, you’re equipped to tackle every task with care. With Field1st, your teams can evaluate risks, communicate clearly, and make smart choices before diving into any project.
Inspections and Observations

Always Alert and Aware

Stay proactive by diving deep into inspections and observations. Field1st gives you the tools to spot and address safety issues before they grow. Our smart AI system points out irregularities, steers inspections, and offers practical advice. By helping you keep a close eye on operations, we ensure a safer space for both your team and the communities you touch.
Asset Tracking

Leading Your Crews

Make sure your team always has what they need, right when they need it. With Field1st’s asset tracking, you can easily track where your crews are and what they’re up to. Thanks to live updates, you can ensure everyone’s right where they should be, cutting down on delays and boosting safety standards. After all, a well-informed team is a safer team.
Accidents and Risks

Quick Action and Insight

Should an accident occur, Field1st makes your response smoother. Record incidents, delve into their causes, and spot patterns to avoid future mishaps. Our platform acts as your digital safety vault, helping you learn from every event and consistently enhance safety measures. With Field1st championing a culture of growth.
Bracing for the storm

Facing Nature’s Curveballs

Storms can be tricky and downright vexing. With Field1st by your side, you’re not alone in assessing and responding to stormy surprises. Anticipate the twists and turns of upcoming weather, plan your resources wisely, and cut down on the chaos storms can bring. With Field1st, you’re always ready, always a step ahead, even when nature decides to throw a curveball.

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