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Protect your people
On the job.
In the office.
On your phone.
In the field.

Anticipate hazards, empower your team. Field1st, your AI-driven safety partner, forecasts risks and delivers real-time insights, even offline. Seamlessly integrated, it revolutionizes safety management from identification to training, ensuring compliance and a secure workplace – anytime, anywhere.

Prevent accidents before they happen

Field1st identifies hazards in advance by incorporating industry best practices, the expertise of your organization, and the specifics of a situation in an easy-to-use app.
Prevent accidents before they happen

Get a high-level view of your crew

Know where your crew is across the board and be ready to respond with Field1st’s intelligent ESRI Integration.
Get a high-level view of your crew

Field1st gets you and your work flow

Whether it’s pre-job briefs, safety observations, or any other company procedure, Field1st will turn your daily activities into active intelligence.
Field1st gets you and your workflow
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Solutions for every role in your company

Field1st is a safety platform that delivers for the next generation workforce with 100% visibility for both field and office.

Field Leadership

Go “paperless” with your pre-job briefs, team huddles, and peer-to-peer safety observations. Easy to use online forms with pre-filled work order details, map locations, and team member lookups. Access your reports and submissions at any time on any device.

Safety Training

Deliver micro-learning training content to your crews that are directly relevant to their work at hand. As a team member completes a pre-job briefing, relevant resource information can appear. A content management tool allows users to manage the dynamic resource library easily.

Business Leaders

Get ahead of OSHA-related incidents. See real-time reporting from the field of work in progress, everyday critical tasks, and safety defenses faced by your crews. Leverage the power of analytics to drive best practice training programs.


Field1st is deployed as a dedicated and secure instance, exclusive to your organization, and supports SSO, integrated Windows security, and seamless integrations with a wide range of GIS, WMS, and AMS software products.

Empowering Safety Across Diverse Industries

Access tailored safety protocols and pre-job briefs that align with the specific requirements of your respective industry.

Proud partner with

We went in the field and worked with the pros in the industry to build an app designed to speak directly to real-world scenarios.

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