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Prepare and protect your people from harm. Everyday.

Reduce ongoing job-related risks with job hazard assessment tools and bring daily safety defense training to the field.

Image of mobile phones showing Powerfields pre-job brief form and laptop computer showing Powerfields user profile

Take advantage of an enterprise platform focused on reducing OSHA reported incidents through onsite pre-job briefings, safety observation monitoring, and reporting tailored to your industry.

Go "paperless" in the field

Customize and deploy web and mobile apps with offline technology to capture and report on job hazards and mitigate risks before the work is begun.

Access real-time data

Enrich and speed the experience for crews who are required to document critical tasks and safety defenses with access to work order and geo-location details.

Reinforce best-practices

Provide efficient just-in-time safety and compliance resources and training based on relevant daily risks.

Why Field1st?

Designed exclusively for engineers, technicians and construction crews with a focus on ease of use, speed and remote access.

In 2018, we partnered with Dominion Energy of Virginia to learn how we can solve real data and reporting challenges in the field in support of their relentless mission to ensure employee and public safety.

We learned that every work order begins with a documented team huddle, a pre-job hazard assessment, and related defense discussion. In addition, employees also perform and document regular safety observations.

Our team conducted extensive user research across the company’s divisions to discover how could we enhance the existing web and mobile experience for crews and provide centralized reporting and risk analytics to managers and company leadership in real-time. 


To support job preparedness through on-site safety inspections, hazard identification, and proactive defense training

For Crews

  • Simple and smart UX
  • Offline remote access
  • Voice-to-text
  • Geo-location mapping
  • Workorder data pre-fills

For Leaders

  • Real-time reporting
  • Customize data by job role
  • Supervisor notifications
  • Common risks by group
  • Centralize training & procedures

For Training & IT

  • Turn-key SaaS solution
  • API-ready for integrations
  • Powerful form builder
  • Dynamic content manager
  • SSO / Active Directory options


Built with customization of your data, reporting, and employee training in mind.


For Crews

Go “paperless” with your pre-job briefs, team huddles, and peer-to-peer safety observations. Easy to use online forms with pre-filled work order details, map locations, and team member lookups. Access your reports and submissions any time on any device. 

Screenshot of mobile phone showing Powerfields document search listing and tablet showing pre-job brief form
Image of a laptop showing Powerfields reporting dashboard for safety observations and pre-job briefs

For Leaders

Get ahead of OSHA related incidents. See real-time reporting from the field of work in progress, common critical tasks and safety defenses faced by your crews. Leverage the power of analytics to drive best practice training programs. 


For Training

Deliver micro-learning training content to your crews that is directly relevant to their work at hand. As a team member completes a pre-job briefing, relevant resource information can appear. A content management tool is available so permissioned users can easily manage the dynamic resource library. 

Image showing mobile phone with Powerfields work zone identification and laptop with Powerfields work group configuration settings
Image of laptop computer with Powerfields user list and stats

For IT

Deploy modern apps without the hassle of managing your own software solution. We will continue to innovate on iOS, Android, and responsive web technologies so you don’t have to. 

Your solution is fully white-labeled to your company’s brand and can be customized to meet your organizational needs. 

We are ready with a turn-key implementation plan