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Domion Energy

navigating digital transformation

Company Overview

Located in Virginia, Dominion Energy stands as a prominent power company with a history of collaboration with RTS Labs. Their partnership has produced various solutions, and in 2018, they joined forces again to enhance their web portal.

With substantial IT resources, Dominion Energy initiated a web portal to transition their operations from paper to digital. This platform was designed to digitize safety observations and pre-job brief data. However, despite the technical expertise, the portal’s launch didn’t achieve the anticipated success, leading to a continued reliance on paper-based data.


While Dominion Energy successfully launched a functional web portal, its integration posed significant challenges. The company’s initial approach to digitization was traditional, causing difficulties for field workers. These workers, accustomed to paper-based data recording, faced obstacles with the new system, especially when dealing with live data in areas with inconsistent internet access. The tools provided by the portal didn’t align with the dynamic requirements of fieldwork.

Additionally, the portal lacked flexibility, not accommodating the need for workers to add supplementary notes or information. This limitation further drove them back to paper-based methods.

The Field1st Approach

To address these challenges, the Field1st approach was developed, focusing on understanding the end-user’s needs. The strategy involved:

1. User Engagement

During the design phase, the team engaged with ground-level users to comprehend their reliance on paper and the challenges posed by the web portal. This user-centric approach involved extensive interaction to ensure the solution was tailored to their needs.

2. Testing

With a clear understanding of user requirements, two prototypes were developed and tested in real-world scenarios. The selected final product underwent rigorous validation to ensure its effectiveness.

3. Solutions

Initially, Field1st aimed to digitize the pre-job briefing process to reduce OSHA-related incidents. However, its scope expanded to address the safety observation process, identifying job hazards, and fostering safety discussions. The product now encompasses various safety-related applications, from pre-job planning to on-site data collection.

4. Data Management & OSHA Compliance

The app streamlines data transmission from the field to the office, offering insights into common hazards and training needs. It addresses the issue of lost data, ensuring all information is readily accessible.

5. Safety Focus

While the primary objective of Field1st is safety, it also offers solutions in workflow efficiency and personal support.

6. Micro Training

A standout feature is its training module. The app serves content based on specific tasks, offering procedural guidelines, safety information, and more.

7. Offline Capabilities

Recognizing the connectivity challenges in the field, Field1st offers offline functionalities, ensuring uninterrupted data access and recording.

By addressing the challenges head-on and focusing on user needs, Dominion Energy and RTS Labs have paved the way for a more efficient and user-friendly digital transformation.

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